Benitez Forklift Corp. offers you the best price on forklift service and repairs at your location to keep your forklift fleet operation in top performance.

We work on all makes and models of forklift equipment. If your forklift requires a parts, chances are we already have it in stock.

Call us at 786 307 3872 so we can discuss your needs. You can always count on Benitez Forklift Corp. Electric Forklift Specialist.

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We service all makes and models

  • Replacement Back up Alarm with installation
  • Brake Job for Forklifts done at your location
  • Preventive Maintenance for forklifts, including oil, oil filter, lube and labor.
  • Forklift Repair & Service
  • Strobe Light Replacement
  • Tune Up  including spark plugs, distributer cap, rotor and spark plug wire.

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